Flexible choice of ward on admission to hospital


Depending on the type of treatment you are in hospital for, do you prefer not to have to stay in a shared room and to have a free choice of doctor? If so, then ÖKK HOSPITAL FLEX MINI supplementary hospital insurance provides good protection at a low price. You can wait until being admitted to hospital to decide whether you want to stay on the general or semi-private hospital ward. If you choose the semi-private ward, you contribute around one-third of the costs.



Marc Süsskind

Being flexible when the moment comes is immensely reassuring.
The advantages of ÖKK HOSPITAL FLEX MINI
  • Flexible choice of hospital ward (general or semi-private) when being admitted in Switzerland and in an emergency, abroad
  • Your cost-sharing per year when opting for semi-private ward: 35% up to CHF 4,500 (per family max. CHF 4,500)
  • Free choice of doctor on semi-private ward in Switzerland
  • Second medical opinion before a planned operation

Overview of benefits

Would you like to view the benefits provided by ÖKK HOSPITAL FLEX MINI in detail?

Overview of benefits


To conclude an ÖKK HOSPITAL FLEX MINI policy, you must have also taken out at least ÖKK START supplementary insurance.

Waiting periods

Please note the waiting period in the event of maternity.

Details on the waiting periods

An Option for the future?

You can also take out an Option for this insurance. More information on this can be found at ÖKK OPTION.

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