Loss of earnings insurance in the event of illness, accident and birth


It can happen to anyone: All of a sudden, you are unable to work for some days or weeks. The loss or reduction of your income is an unpleasant consequence of this. ÖKK COMPENSA loss of income insurance protects you from the loss of income in such cases. You receive daily allowance benefits in the event of illness, accident or childbirth.

The advantages of ÖKK COMPENSA
  • Closes the gap to gross pay for employees.
  • There is a daily allowance starting at a 25% incapacity to work.
  • The insured daily allowance is either paid out for 730 or 365 days for illness and accident. 
  • Eight weeks of daily allowance benefits are paid out for childbirth (double if the insurance has been in place for at least three years).
  • Even if you become unemployed, you remain insured.
  • Self-employed persons can also insure profit costs. 

Save on premiums with the no-claims discount

ÖKK provides you with a discount of 36 percent on ÖKK COMPENSA if you do not draw any benefits from the policy (discount level 1). The discount ceases to apply once you claim any benefits; you are then returned to discount level 0. If you then do not claim any benefits from the ÖKK COMPENSA policy over the following three year period, you are returned to discount level 1.

The observation period runs from 1 September (or the start of the insurance policy) to 31 August of the following year.

Infographics: 100% premium on discount level 0. 64% premium on discount level 1. 


The General Insurance Conditions of ÖKK LIVE or ÖKK UNO apply with respect to the payment of benefits.

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