Supplementary insurance for alternative medicine


Acupuncture, homeopathy and kinesiology are only a few examples from the wide range of alternative medical treatments offered (complementary medicine). ÖKK NATURE MINI contributes towards various recognised therapy methods.



Liridona Kuka

Anyone requiring alternative medicine can’t go wrong with this supplementary insurance.
The advantages of ÖKK NATURE MINI
  • 80%, up to CHF 1,000 per year towards alternative medical treatments carried out by a doctor or recognised therapist (deductible: CHF 300 per year)
  • 80%, up to CHF 300 per year towards natural remedies

The General Insurance Conditions of ÖKK LIVE apply with respect to the payment of benefits.

Overview of benefits

Would you like to view the benefits provided by ÖKK NATURE MINI in detail?
Overview of benefits
Recognised alternative medicine therapy methods


When are therapists recognised?
In Switzerland, an estimated 30,000 therapists offer around 200 types of alternative medicine.
You can find all the information you need to know about the EMR quality label at


To conclude an ÖKK NATURE MINI policy, you must have also taken out at least ÖKK START supplementary insurance.

An Option for the future?

You can also take out an Option for this insurance. More information on this can be found at ÖKK OPTION.


You receive contributions towards alternative medicine as well as glasses and contact lenses.


You receive contributions towards alternative medicine, glasses, laser eye operations and medical treatment abroad.

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