Your health protection

With ÖKK PREVENTION, you receive generous contributions towards gynaecological preventive examinations, check-ups and inoculations. You also receive contributions to various preventive measures from the ÖKK health account:

Prevention in the Family area
  • Children’s massage course, small children’s swimming lessons, small children’s gymnastics etc.
Prevention in the Nutrition area
  • Nutrition advice, nutrition course
Prevention in the Movement area
  • Training in gyms, performance diagnostics, membership of sports clubs etc.
Other prevention
  • Quit-smoking courses, swimming for rheumatism, eye exercises etc.

Overview of benefits

Would you like to view the benefits provided by ÖKK PREVENTION in detail?
Overview of benefits and health account


To conclude an ÖKK PREVENTION policy, you must have also taken out at least ÖKK START supplementary insurance.

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