The lean supplementary insurance – the indispensable basic module


This is a lean supplementary insurance policy covering the key benefits in various areas, which makes it a good initial add-on to your basic insurance. In addition, ÖKK START opens up access to other key supplementary insurance policies offered by ÖKK.

The advantages of ÖKK START
  • General ward (shared room) in a hospital in Switzerland and in emergencies, abroad
  • Emergency medical treatment abroad 
  • Contributions towards transport and rescue costs
  • Generous contributions towards optional medications
  • Small contributions towards glasses and contact lenses
  • Small contributions towards dental check-ups and prophylaxes for children and young persons up to 25 years of age
  • Generous contributions towards orthodontic treatments for children and young persons up to 25 years of age

Overview of benefits

Would you like to view the benefits provided by ÖKK START in detail?

Overview of benefits

Waiting periods

Please note the waiting period in the event of maternity and the waiting period for orthodontic treatments.

Details on the waiting periods


This is how to save on supplementary insurance premiums.
Family discount

Other supplementary insurance policies

Instead of staying in a shared room, would you like to stay in a twin or single room and be treated by the senior consultant in hospital?
Then we recommend one of our supplementary hospital insurance policies: 

Or would you like to receive benefits for alternative medicine, preventive and dental treatments? Then we also recommend the following insurance policies:

For young families, we also recommend ÖKK PARENTS supplementary insurance. Above all, it provides good benefits in relation to maternity.

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