Worldwide travel insurance for the whole year


This insurance is aimed at ÖKK customers who travel frequently each year and do not want to take out a new insurance policy for each trip. You can put together your own insurance cover yourself from the four components – completely in line with your needs. You pay a monthly premium.

Selectable components / modules 

You can obtain travel insurance in the following areas.

Treatment costs

The supplementary insurance covers the costs of emergency treatment at a doctor's or hospital worldwide. It also provides a number of helpful services.

  • Emergency treatment in the event of illness, accident or premature birth both in Switzerland and abroad  
  • Emergency hotline and medical advice provided by the ÖKK emergency call centre – available 24 hours a day, worldwide on +41 41 210 44 88 
  • Transport, search, rescue and recovery operations
  • Additional return trip, also for family members
  • Trip for close persons for visiting purposes
  • Payment advances to hospitals
  • Help with finding hospitals and doctors near to where you are staying 
  • Translation assistance via the ÖKK emergency call centre

Insurance amount: ÖKK TOURIST covers the costs of the above-mentioned benefits up to an amount of CHF 250,000. With the family cover, benefits of up to CHF 500,000 per family are covered. For search and rescue activities, ÖKK TOURIST pays up to CHF 20,000 per insured person.

Premium: You pay just CHF 4.00 per month for the Treatment costs module, while families pay CHF 6.00 per month.

Travel legal protection

The insurance covers lawyer, expert and court costs incurred in relation to legal protection claims outside Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

  • Payment of costs in relation to lawyers, mediators and experts
  • Payment of costs of legal proceedings and court costs
  • In the event of a legal protection claim, our partner Coop Rechtsschutz AG provides assistance.

You have legal protection in your capacity as

  • the owner, driver or renter of a motor vehicle;
  • a sportsperson, pedestrian, cyclist, motorist or passenger in any form of transport;
  • the renter of a holiday property;
  • an attendee of a course at a foreign school;
  • the contractual party to a travel contract;
  • the victim of a violent crime; and
  • the holder of a credit card. 

Insurance amount: Within Europe, the insurance covers costs of up to CHF 300,000 per case. Outside Europe, you are covered for up to CHF 100,000.

Premium: You pay just CHF 3.60 per month for the Travel legal protection module, while if you opt for family cover, you pay CHF 7.20 per month.

Cancellation costs

The insurance covers the cancellation costs for travel services booked worldwide if you cannot embark upon the trip as a result of illness, accident or death, for example.

Insurance amount: Cancellation costs of up to CHF 20,000 per person and event are covered. The family insurance policy covers cancellation costs of up to CHF 50,000 per family and event.

Premium: You pay just CHF 7.20 per month for the Cancellation costs module, while if you opt for family cover, everybody in your household is insured for CHF 11.50 per month.


The insurance covers the costs worldwide resulting from the theft, loss or damage to personal luggage. All items that you take on the journey for your own person necessity are insured. The insurance does not cover cash, tickets, souvenirs, gifts etc.

Insurance amount: Your luggage is insured for up to CHF 4,000 per event. With family cover, the whole family’s luggage is insured for up to CHF 10,000 per event.

Premium: You pay CHF 9.00 per month to insure your luggage, while family cover costs CHF 14.40 per month.

Further information

Important note

You can take out ÖKK TOURIST for yourself or your entire family. This means that the insurance applies for the policyholder, their spouse/partner and their children, providing they all live in the same household.

Treatment costs: The insurance does not cover illnesses and consequences of accidents which were already known before embarking on the journey or whose treatment was foreseeable by the insured person. In addition, ÖKK TOURIST only covers those costs that are not covered by basic insurance. The travel insurance thus only comes into play after basic insurance has paid out. Policyholders must therefore contribute towards the costs via their deductible and excess.

The General Insurance Conditions of ÖKK LIVE or ÖKK UNO apply with respect to the payment of benefits.


To conclude an ÖKK TOURIST policy, you must have also taken out at least ÖKK START supplementary insurance.


Overview of travel insurance policies. You can download the brochure in PDF format here.


Do you have any questions or would you like to take out a travel insurance policy? Then complete the online form and we will soon get in touch with you.

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