The clever family insurance with excellent benefits

You and your family are well covered at a low price with ÖKK FAMILY. ÖKK contributes towards glasses and contact lenses on an annual basis and provides generous benefits for alternative medicine and prevention. You can choose a family room for childbirth - ÖKK covers up to CHF 200 per day. ÖKK also contributes towards the costs of both antenatal and postnatal courses. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • General ward in a hospital in Switzerland (as per cantonal list of hospitals)
  • Twin or family room for childbirth as per cantonal list of hospitals in Switzerland (maximum of 200 Swiss francs per day) 
  • Emergency medical treatment abroad
  • 60 Swiss francs towards dental check-ups and prophylaxes up to 25 years of age 
  • Orthodontics 70 percent without a maximum amount, up to 25 years of age 
  • Up to 200 Swiss francs per year towards spectacle lenses and contact lenses 
  • Up to 500 Swiss francs from the health account to promote healthy nutrition, exercise and prevention 
  • Alternative medicine and natural remedies 
  • Benefits for antenatal and postnatal courses
  • Nursing (breastfeeding) allowance up to 250 Swiss francs per child 
  • Contributions towards help at home following childbirth, illness or accidentUp to 50,000 Swiss francs towards transport and rescue costs 
  • Travel expenses

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