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You can save up to 15 % on your premiums with ÖKK’s alternative insurance models. The difference between these and regular basic insurance is that you can choose your first point of contact for any health questions: a telemedical centre, a pharmacy, your GP or an HMO centre. A key aspect is the artificial intelligence of the Medgate app, in which the digital treatment plan can be accessed.

Insured persons with a standard deductible (CHF 300 for adults / CHF 0 for children) can change from the standard model (free choice of doctor) to a CASAMED model as of the start of a calendar month. Insured persons with a higher deductible (optional deductible) can only change to a CASAMED model as of the start of a new calendar year. In this case, ÖKK must be notified of the change by 30 November.

If you would like to change from a CASAMED model back to the standard model, you can also only do this as of 1 January (notification by 30 November).

It is possible to change between the various CASAMED models as of the first day of the following month.

Changing insurance model
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Standard model (free choice of doctor)
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