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Change of insurance carrier

I would like to take out a policy with ÖKK. What do I do?

You have the following options at your disposal to take out a policy with ÖKK:
  • Visit the ÖKK agency in your area.
  • Call us (free hotline 0800 838 000) and we will gladly send you a quote.
  • You can calculate your premium with our online quote calculator and apply for the desired insurance plan online.
  • Fill out the contact form and we will gladly send you a quote.

    How can I cancel my insurance policy?

    Termination of the basic insurance

    Insureds with an excess of 300 Swiss francs or 0 Swiss francs for children can cancel their mandatory health insurance policy (basic insurance) at the end of a midyear or at the end of a year (30 June or 31 December). Insureds with a variable deductible or a general practitioner model can cancel their policy at the end of a calendar year only (31 December). The cancellation period is 3 months in either case.

    Expiration of the policy is regulated by the legal requirements (KVG/VVG). Cancellations are only valid if submitted by the due date and in writing. The key date in this regard is the date ÖKK receives the notice of termination, not the date of the postmark.

    If a new premium is determined, the basic insurance can be cancelled at the latest one month before the inception of the new premium.

    Termination of supplementary insurance policies

    Supplementary insurance policies may be terminated as at 31 December. You must give notice of termination in writing and send it to us by recorded mail. At ÖKK, a notice period of three months applies, even for multi-year contracts. The key date in this regard is the date ÖKK receives the notice of termination, not the date of the postmark.

    In the event of a premium adjustment, the notice period is reduced to 30 days.

    Detailed information on notice periods and deadlines can be found in the insurance conditions.

    Before terminating your current supplementary insurance policies, please wait until your new health insurer has confirmed in writing that it will accept you into your required supplementary insurance policy without reservation.

    What is a health declaration?

    When taking out new or higher supplementary insurance coverage according to the Swiss insurance contract act (VVG), a risk evaluation of the medical risk will be made. This examination will be made by means of the information given in the health declaration, which is an integral part of the insurance contract. If the applicant is in bad health, supplementary coverage may be denied. In case of a pre-existing illness or condition, a respective exclusion or restriction may apply for this illness or condition in the requested insurance coverage.

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