Change of health insurance

When can I terminate my health insurance?

Termination of basic insurance


  Termination date Notice period general
Notice period when premium is announced
with standard deductible* as of 30 June or 31 December 3 months (as of 30 September) 1 month (as of 30 November)
with elective deductible or general practitioner model as of 31 December 3 months (as of 30 September) 1 month (as of 30 November)


* Deductible of CHF 300 / CHF 0 for children


If the premium for next year is announced, the basic insurance may be terminated up to one month before the new premium enters into effect.

The end of the insurance is based on the statutory provisions (KVG/VVG). Terminations are only valid when provided in writing and before the relevant deadlines. The key date in this regard is the date the notice of termination is received, not the date of the postmark.

Termination of supplementary insurance policies

Supplementary insurance policies may be terminated as of 31 December. You must give notice of termination in writing and send it to us by recorded mail. At ÖKK, a notice period of three months (as of 30 September) applies, even for multi-year contracts. The key date in this regard is the date ÖKK receives the notice of termination, not the date of the postmark.


In the event of a premium adjustment, the notice period is reduced to 30 days. Detailed information on notice periods and deadlines can be found in the insurance conditions.
Before terminating your current supplementary insurance policies, please wait until your new health insurer has confirmed in writing that it will accept you into your required supplementary insurance policy without reservation.

What is a health declaration?

With supplementary insurance policies under the Swiss Insurance Contract Act (VVG), an evaluation of the medical insurance risk is carried out by means of a risk assessment when new or higher insurance policies are applied for. This assessment is based on the details provided in the health declaration, which forms part of the insurance application. An application to take out supplementary insurance can be rejected, for example, if the applicant is in a poor state of health. In the event of an existing illness or condition, it is possible to exclude / place a restriction covering this in the required supplementary insurance policy.

I would like to take out an insurance policy with ÖKK. What do I have to do?

1. Choose the right insurance for your needs

We offer a wide range of tailor-made insurance policies for any situation in life.
Basic insurance models

Supplementary insurance models

2. Calculate your premiums, request a quote and conclude an insurance policy

With the ÖKK premium calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate your premium. Are you happy with the offer? Then print out the quote and send us the signed application form.
ÖKK premium calculator

3. Terminate your previous health insurance

In doing so, please take into account the notice periods mentioned above.



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