Be careful of unprofessional brokers

Customers often contact us telling us how someone from ÖKK has called them offering to help reduce their health insurance premiums. On closer inspection, however, it turns out that these are dubious brokers that do not have any contract with ÖKK.

As a policyholder, how do you go about protecting yourself from this practice? Here’s some advice.

  • Ask them the following: Who are you speaking to? Where are they calling from? Who does the person work for?
  • If you don’t feel happy, don’t agree an appointment with them.
  • Notify your ÖKK agency.
  • Does the broker have the proper identification? A business card is not sufficient! A proper piece of identification contains the name of the company the broker works for.
  • Do not sign anything before reading the small print.
  • Never sign a letter of termination before you have written confirmation that the new insurer has accepted you.
  • Ask for time to go away and think about it.
  • Request original copies of the documents/prospectuses that you are shown.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your ÖKK agency or our customer center: 0800 838 000.

You can also report dubious brokers to santésuisse, the industry association of Swiss health insurers.

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