Illness and accident

I had an accident. How am I covered?

Unemployed people need to include accident coverage within their health insurance. In this case, the health insurance company will provide coverage in case of an accident. Employees are usually covered under their employer’s accident insurance. In this case, the respective health insurance company will cover the benefits. Employees who are covered for occupational and non-occupational accidents over their employer's accident insurance can exclude accident insurance from their health insurance.

Why do I have to inform ÖKK about an accident?

If a third person has caused the accident, the liability insurer of the third person will be involved and will provide for the costs. By means of an accident notification, ÖKK can verify the situation. ÖKK will inform the liable party after conclusion of the claim and reclaim the respective amount.

Am I insured for alternative treatments?

ÖKK offers benefits for alternative treatment methods. Please inquire before treatment whether the therapist or therapy (method) is recognised by ÖKK and what benefits you can claim within the limits of your insurance coverage.

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