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Insurance card

How long does it take to deliver my card?

You will usually receive your insurance card within 3 to 4 weeks provided we have received your social security number directly.

I still haven't received my insurance card. I have lost my card. What do I have to do?

Contact your ÖKK agency or call us on our free-of-charge hotline 0800 838 000.

What is recorded on the chip?

When delivered to you, the chip only contains administrative data. This is the information already imprinted on your card.

Further medical information for emergency cases can be added. This information cannot be viewed by ÖKK: 
  • Mailing address of the insured person
  • Special insurance plans (e.g. HMO model)
  • Details on accident or additional insurances
  • Blood type and transfusion details
  • Vaccination details
  • Transplantation details
  • Allergies
  • Illnesses and consequences of an accident
  • Medication
  • Contact addresses in case of an emergency
  • Reference to existing living will

Who can read the data recorded on the chip?

It is a basic requirement that the service provider has the necessary infrastructure (e.g. reading device). However, the service providers have no obligation to provide this service.

Where can I get my emergency details recorded?

If your service provider has the respective infrastructure, you can get your emergency details recorded optionally, e.g. by your general practitioner or at the hospital.

Please note: The service provider has no obligation to record or read such medical information on your card. ÖKK has no access to this information.

Why is my 13-digit AHV number on the card?

The 13-digit AHV number has been expanded to form your social security number. The AHV number is assigned to people as soon as possible after they are born or move to Switzerland. In general, people only receive one AHV number, which remains valid for their entire life. The number is not based on information that could be used to identify the insured person. For more information:

Insurance card

We have summarised the most important information on data protection, data on the chip and the PIN code.

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