Insurance obligation

Who is required to have insurance in Switzerland?

Taking out a health insurance policy (basic insurance plan) is mandatory for everyone living in Switzerland irrespective of their nationality. You must take out an insurance policy with a statutory health insurance company within three months of moving to Switzerland or being born in Switzerland. If the policy is taken out on time, then the insurance coverage will begin at the time of birth or of the move to Switzerland. In case of a delay, the person must pay a premium surcharge and benefits will only be paid from the date of notification. In addition, the following people must have an insurance plan in accordance with the legal provisions in Switzerland.


  • All EU citizens employed in Switzerland and their unemployed family members living in the EU
  • People living in the EU who draw a Swiss pension (and their unemployed family members)


The insureds must at least take out the mandatory basic insurance to the Health Insurance Law (KVG). The supplementary coverages (e.g. ÖKK START, ÖKK HOSPITAL etc.) are voluntary insurances covering benefits not provided by the basic insurance.


Persons who declare an address in Switzerland when taking out basic insurance, but who live abroad without the knowledge of ÖKK are not covered in spite of premium payments.

I am moving abroad at the end of the month. What should I do?

If you move abroad, you must cancel your insurance in writing at your ÖKK branch office and provide your local authority with a copy of the departure confirmation. The cancellation will then be effective at the end of the month.

Can I be released from the Swiss insurance obligation?

Persons who have their residence in Switzerland must take out insurance. An exception are persons and their unemployed family members who live in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal (only retired persons), or Spain (only retired persons) and work in Switzerland or draw a pension in Switzerland. They have the option of obtaining a release from the Swiss insurance obligation upon request. To this purpose, these persons must prove that they are covered for cases of illness in their country of residence during a stay in other EU countries or in Switzerland (Art. 2 Para. 6 KVV).

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