Pregnancy and maternity

I am pregnant. Can I register my baby with ÖKK now and what exactly do I have to do?

It is recommended that you register your baby with ÖKK as soon as possible. If you sign up before the birth, ÖKK guarantees that your baby will be unconditionally accepted into the following insurance policies:


You can choose from the following options:

  • Visit ÖKK in your area.
  • Give us a call (free hotline 0800 838 000), and we will gladly give you more information.
  • Use our premium calculator to put together the right insurance solution for your baby and apply for it directly online.
  • Fill out the contact form and we will gladly send you a quote.

I am pregnant. Can I still adapt my insurance coverage?

An increase of insurance benefits is generally no longer possible once pregnancy has been established. For this reason, you should clarify your insurance coverage beforehand in order to avoid gaps in coverage. Please contact your closest ÖKK branch office for an individual consultation.

What do I have to do to get a nursing mother’s allowance?

If you have ÖKK PARENTS, ÖKK will pay a nursing mother’s allowance of 150 Swiss francs after a lactation period of ten weeks. To receive the allowance, you must fill out a nursing mother’s allowance form and obtain confirmation from your doctor, midwife or nursing consultant.
Order the nursing mother’s allowance form here.

How does cost sharing work for maternity?

The basic insurance plan omits the legal cost sharing requirement for maternity benefits. 

What medical examinations does ÖKK pay during a pregnancy?

Seven medical examinations and two ultrasounds are completely provided for in the basic insurance during the course of a normal pregnancy. Amniocentesis is provided for pregnant women over the age of 35.

What does ÖKK pay towards birth preparation courses?

All ÖKK members receive 150 Swiss francs in the basic insurance plan for birth preparation courses with recognised midwives. If you have the supplementary insurance plan ÖKK PARENTS, you will receive 200 Swiss francs in addition.

I will be remaining at home after the birth. What benefits does ÖKK offer?

Home help

If you gave birth at the hospital and stayed in bed for one week, ÖKK will contribute to home help if prescribed by a doctor. If you have the ÖKK PARENTS insurance plan, you will receive up to 60 Swiss francs per day with a maximum of 600 Swiss francs. After a home birth or an outpatient birth, ÖKK PARENTS provides up to 60 Swiss francs per day with a maximum of 840 Swiss francs.

Nursing consultation


ÖKK pays for three nursing consultations through the basic insurance plan.

Nursing mother’s allowance

If you have at least the ÖKK PARENTS insurance plan, ÖKK will pay an allowance of 150 Swiss francs after a lactation period of ten weeks.

Breast pump


Renting a breast pump is reimbursed at the legally determined rates.


Your first check-up after the birth counts as a maternity benefit.


Always check whether your doctor has marked “maternity” on your bill. If not, add it yourself.

Is there a qualifying period for the daily allowance plan for maternity?

If the insurance policy was taken out at the time of pregnancy, ÖKK has no obligation to provide benefits under any circumstances. The qualifying period for the daily allowance plan for maternity is 270 days from the inception of your insurance policy.

Is there a qualifying period when taking out supplementary insurance for maternity?

If you take out supplementary insurance without an equivalent previous insurance coverage, a qualifying period of 360 days from the inception of the insurance policy applies. If you had an equivalent coverage with your previous insurer, the qualifying period begins with the conclusion of the insurance contract.


ÖKK PARENTS supplementary insurance covers you during pregnancy, upon giving birth and after the birth. 

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