What insurance coverage do I have during my military service?

When you perform military service, your basic insurance is automatically provided under the government's military insurance. If you perform more than 60 consecutive days of service, you can have your ÖKK BASIS basic insurance suspended during this time. To do so, we request that you provide us with a copy of your marching orders at least eight weeks before your service begins. You will then not pay any premiums during the time period covered by the marching orders.

If you perform less than 60 consecutive days of military service, you will continue to pay the premiums for your ÖKK BASIS basic insurance as normal. Nevertheless, you must send any bills from service providers (e.g. doctors) to the military insurance for the duration of your service. The military insurance does not charge you any deductible or excess.

Where do I send bills during my military service?

The military insurance settles bills directly with service providers, such as doctors, hospitals or physiotherapists. Please also send any bills to the military insurance even if you have not suspended your basic insurance with ÖKK, i.e. if you are performing less than 60 consecutive days of military service.

Under military insurance do I still have to contribute towards costs?

No. Under the military insurance you are not required to contribute towards costs, such as the deductible or excess. It is therefore important that you send any bills for benefits that you receive to the military insurance during the period of your military insurance.

Which insurance company provides military insurance?

SUVA Insurance provides the military insurance on behalf of the government.

For more information, please go to under the Insurance section.

Who is insured under the military insurance?

Anybody performing military, civil defence or civilian service is insured. However, the insurance also covers anybody involved in conscription, shooting exercises outside of service periods, the deployment of Swiss corps for humanitarian aid and government peacekeeping activities abroad.

Clients who perform full-time professional and part-time military service for the governments are not covered for basic insurance by any health insurer. This insurance cover is provided under the military insurance, with the premiums paid directly by the military insurance. This means you are not insured via the military insurance for illness or accident (during work or free time). After retirement, this basic insurance can continue to be provided under military insurance.

When and for what am I covered by military insurance?

You are insured for the entire duration of your military, civil defence or civilian service, the journeys to and from these as well as during general and personal holidays.

All accidents and illnesses are insured, together with the financial consequences of these, at least within the scope of the Health Insurance Act (KVG). Military insurance covers the costs of assistance such as transport and rescue costs as well as any rehabilitation measures. However, it also provides daily benefits allowances, pensions and lump-sum payments and provides reimbursements for integrity allowances and helplessness pensions.

It provides benefits for which better insurance is provided under military insurance than under statutory basic insurance. This, for example, includes assuming all costs in the event of an injury or illness to paired organs (e.g. eyes) as military service also covers the costs for any subsequent damage to the second organ, even if this occurs after the service has been completed. The key factor is the timing of the first instance of damage to the organ, which must have occurred during the military service.

If you have to stay in a hospital, the military insurance covers the costs for staying on a general ward. Additional services, such as staying on a semi-private ward, are covered under any potential supplementary insurance you may have with ÖKK. As such, please send your bills to both the military insurance as well as ÖKK.

If you carry out any other work during your military service and have an accident, this is insured under the relevant accident insurance policy of the company you are working for and not the military insurance.

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