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Premium reduction

Who is entitled to a premium reduction?

People on modest incomes are entitled to a reduction on their premiums (subsidy) from the canton so that they can pay their basic insurance premiums. Many of the cantonal offices have an online calculator on their websites that can be used to check whether you are entitled to a reduction.

What do I have to do to get a premium reduction?

If you are not automatically sent an application form to your home address, you can order one from the responsible cantonal office. Complete the form and send it back.

What documents do I need to apply for a premium reduction?

This varies from canton to canton. Usually at least one insurance policy and the last definitive tax assessment is required. More detailed information on this can be obtained from your responsible office.

My premium reduction has been approved. How do I receive the premium reduction?

Once the responsible office has approved the premium reduction, this will be transferred directly to ÖKK. ÖKK will then offset your premium reduction against your basic insurance premium.

What happens if I have already paid my premiums without the reduction being deducted?

ÖKK will offset the premiums already paid against the premium reduction that is subsequently approved. This means that the reduction will be credited to you afterwards.

At what point can I apply for a premium reduction?

The application deadlines vary from canton to canton. You should ask the responsible office in the canton where you live for more details on this.

How large is the premium reduction I will receive?

The size of the premium reduction depends on your income, age and life situation.

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