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Does a change of canton influence the size of the premiums?

This is possible, as the premium of the mandatory health insurance (basic insurance) will be adjusted to the regional premium levels. 
A possible premium increase due to a change of residence is not valid as a reason for cancellation.

Why do premiums increase at regular intervals?

The health insurance premiums mirror the constantly increasing health care costs. 
The branch association explains the formation of health care insurance premiums as well as the relationship between premiums, costs and reserves of the insurers in a short film.

I am getting divorced. Will I have to pay higher premiums as a single person?

Splitting up into individual policies (e.g. following a divorce) has no effect on the premium level. Only a change of address can mean a change into a different premium region and, with it, be the reason for a change of premium level.

Our child is an adult and is moving out. He or she shall pay health insurance premiums him- or herself in the future. What do we have to do, what information does ÖKK need?

If families want their adult children to pay their own health insurance premiums, we require a written notification from a family member (father, mother or child) with the new address, the bank or post account and any possible desired modifications of insurance coverage.