Basic insurance model with Medgate or partner pharmacies


Your first point of contact for all health-related questions is the Medgate telemedical centre or a partner pharmacy of ÖKK.


Contact Medgate's specialist doctors and receive advice over the phone or via video chat. If treatment is required, you will be immediately referred to a doctor or a specialist (ÖKK list of general practitioners or Medgate list of specialist doctors). The team of doctors, which also includes paediatricians, can be reached around the clock, seven days a week.

In your partner pharmacy, the pharmacist provides an initial consultation and then determines the next steps for your treatment.

In order to be referred to a doctor, therapist or hospital, you must always have an initial consultation from Medgate or the partner pharmacy. Exceptions include emergencies as well as gynaecological, paediatric and optometric treatments.


MEDGATE - 0848 227 224

Medical consultation:

With the CASAMED SELECT option, you can contact the telemedical service by phone or by video chat via the Medgate app. This is how to prepare before contacting us:


  • Note down some key words that will be used to explain your personal medical history (e.g. relating to chronic illnesses, operations, allergies).
  • Have a description ready of your current health problem.
  • Have any medications on hand that you are currently taking, including any package leaflets.
  • Have your ÖKK insurance card with you.


The consultation will be recorded and forms the basis for your future course of treatment. Upon your request, the doctor who subsequently treats you can be provided with excerpts from the conversation.


Data protection:
The consultation is confidential and is subject to medical secrecy. ÖKK has no access to the recordings of conversations or any particularly sensitive data.

Medgate – Telemedical centre


Consultation by pharmacist:


With the CASAMED SELECT option, you first contact the pharmacist at a partner pharmacy. You need to take the following things with you:


Medications that you are currently taking, including any package leaflets.
Your ÖKK insurance card.


The consultation is confidential. ÖKK has no access to the recordings of conversations or any particularly sensitive data.


Partner pharmacy list


The list of netCare pharmacies approved for CASAMED SELECT is updated on a monthly basis. 

Before visiting a pharmacy, please ensure that it is approved.

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