Travel insurance in cases of accident or illness abroad


You specify the insurance cover, choose the duration, pay the premium online or with a paying-in slip, and you are insured worldwide with immediate effect. With ÖKK TOURIST SUBITO, you will not get any nasty financial surprises in the event of an accident or illness abroad.



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Pay your premium and you’re covered straightaway: Anyone setting out on their travels appreciates this comfort.

The advantages of ÖKK TOURIST SUBITO
  • Emergency treatment in the event of illness, accident or premature birth both in Switzerland and abroad
  • ÖKK emergency hotline, 24 hour service world-wide: +41 41 210 44 88 
  • Transport, search, rescue and recovery operations
  • Additional return trip, also for family members 
  • Trip for close persons for visiting purposes
  • Translation support and help with finding treatment addresses
  • Payment advances to hospitals
The insurance does not cover illnesses and consequences of accidents which were already known before embarking on the journey or whose treatment was foreseeable by the insured person. Please note: ÖKK TOURIST SUBITO only covers those costs that are not covered by basic insurance. The travel insurance thus only comes into play after basic insurance has paid out. Policyholders must therefore contribute towards the costs via their deductible and excess.

The General Insurance Conditions apply with respect to the payment of benefits.

You can take out ÖKK TOURIST SUBITO for yourself or your entire family. This means that the insurance applies for the policyholder, their spouse/partner and children up to 25 years of age, providing they all live in the same household.

Take out travel insurance ÖKK TOURIST SUBITO online
Order paying-in slip
ÖKK TOURIST SUBITO prospectus and GIC 
Our travel insurance policies

You are insured for 17 or 40 days per year and pay a monthly premium.

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