The comprehensive health insurance with a free choice of hospital ward

With ÖKK FLEX you only decide which ward you stay on when you are admitted to hospital. You are also free to choose a hospital and doctor. You contribute to the treatment costs with a cap on costs specified in advance. Benefits for alternative and complementary medicine as well as prevention and dental check-ups are included in this insurance, as are contributions towards glasses and contact lenses. ÖKK also contributes towards the costs of both antenatal and postnatal courses.

ÖKK FLEX comprises two insurance policies:


  • Medical treatment in Switzerland and abroad
  • Up to 100 Swiss francs per year towards dental check-ups for children and adults
  • Up to 70 percent towards orthodontic treatments for children and young persons up to 25 years of age
  • Health protection: check-ups, sports and preventive medical check-ups
  • Up to 600 Swiss francs from the health account to promote family activities, healthy nutrition and exercise
  • Alternative medicine and natural remedies in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries
  • Up to 200 Swiss francs per year towards spectacle lenses and contact lenses
  • Up to 1,000 Swiss francs towards laser eye treatment
  • For maternity: Benefits for antenatal and postnatal courses, breastfeeding allowance
  • Up to 100,000 Swiss francs towards transport and rescue costs
  • Travel expenses for regular medical treatment outside the place of residence from 30km (public transport)


  • Free choice of ward on entering hospital in Switzerland and in case of emergencies abroad. Cost contribution per year:
    • Private: 25%, max. 4,500 Swiss francs 
    • Semi-private: 15%, max. 1,500 Swiss francs 
    • Comfort single and twin rooms: 10%, max. 200 Swiss francs 
    • General: none 
    • Family special: Per family (persons in the same household) maximum 4,500 Swiss francs
  • Up to 20,000 Swiss francs towards transport and rescue costs
  • Domestic help prescribed by a doctor following a hospital stay 
  • Domestic help prescribed by a doctor in order to prevent admission to hospital 
  • Treatment in a health resort prescribed by a doctor 
  • Travel expenses for dialysis, radiation therapy or chemotherapy from 30 km (public transport)

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