General information on insurance

Where do I find my insurance number?

The insurance number can be found on the back of your insurance card in the signature field or on your insurance policy. It is a seven-digit number that begins with or

How am I insured against loss of income?

If you are in an employment relationship, the employer has only a minimal legal requirement to continue to pay a salary during an illness in some cases. Inquire from your employer how long you will receive a salary in case of illness. 
If you are self-employed, from a legal point of view, you carry this risk yourself. You may take out daily allowance insurance to minimise this risk.

In both cases, gaps can occur that have grave financial consequences should you be unable to work. We therefore recommend that you take out a policy for the daily allowance insurance plan ÖKK COMPENSA or the insurance for loss of income for corporate clients.

Can I waive the accident coverage in my health insurance plan?

Your insurance document notes whether or not you have accident insurance. You can only waive the accident risk in the basic insurance plan, with a corresponding premium reduction, if you are employed with a weekly schedule of at least 8 hours or more and have mandatory occupational and non-occupational UVG insurance from your employer. Waive accident coverage online.

In which cases do I have to change my insurance policy?

If you are no longer employed or will retire, you are no longer covered by your employer’s accident insurance. Therefore, you need to include accident coverage in your health insurance plan. For an adjustment of your policy, please contact us by phone, mail or online.

Does ÖKK offer a general practitioner model?

ÖKK offers a general practitioner model called CASAMED. 

CASAMED is the cost-efficient HMO and general practitioner system that guarantees comprehensive and holistic medical care. ÖKK offers four insurance types to choose from: CASAMED SELECT - optimum treatment from Medgate or partner pharmacies, CASAMED HMO with medical treatment at the HMO centre, CASAMED GENERAL PRACTITIONER with medical treatment by a previously selected general practitioner and CASAMED 24 with medical consulting by telephone and possible transfer to a doctor in your area. Depending on the insurance type, the contact person is always the HMO centre, a partner pharmacy of ÖKK, the chosen general practitioner or, by telephone, Callmed 24 (telephone consulting around the clock). Emergencies and regular check-ups at the gynaecologist’s and ophthalmologist’s as well as paediatrist’s are exempt from this requirement. In all four cases, you will be transferred to a specialist if it is medically necessary.

I have my basic and supplementary insurance policies with different health insurers. How do I settle benefits with two insurance policies?

  1. Make a copy of the original doctor's or hospital bill you received.
  2. Send the original bill to the health insurer with whom you have your basic insurance.
  3. This health insurer then settles the benefits from the basic insurance policy.
  4. Compare the benefit statements you received with your doctor's or hospital bill.
  5. If certain benefits have not been covered by your basic insurance, send a copy of the bill and a copy of the benefit statement to the health insurer with whom you have your supplementary insurance policies.
  6. If benefits are covered by your supplementary insurance, the insurer will settle these and you will receive another statement of benefits.
If you require medication from a pharmacy, show your insurance card when obtaining it. All medication covered by your basic insurance will be settled directly between the pharmacy and the health insurer. If you require medication that is paid for by a supplementary insurance policy, you must first pay for this yourself and then forward the receipt to your health insurer to be settled.

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