How can I easily pay my invoices ?

You have the following options to pay your invoices quickly and easily: LSV (direct debit process of the bank), Direct Debit (debiting service of the post office) or eBill (electronic invoice).

What are the advantages of the LSV (bank direct debit) and Direct Debit?

You authorise ÖKK to charge your premiums, and if you wish also your benefit statement, directly and easily to your account when they are due. You therefore do not need to do anything.
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What are the advantages of eBill?

You no longer have to fill in any pay-in slips and are still in control of whether or when the invoice will be paid. You can approve or reject the invoice in a few clicks. In addition to this, you do not use any paper with the invoice and therefore, protect the environment.

How do I register for eBill?

You can register in your e-banking/e-finance account under the menu item "eBill". As soon as the registration is complete, a selection of payees will appear. Select ÖKK. By doing this, you will receive your invoices electronically and directly into your e-banking/e-finance account in future.

How does eBill work?

After having registered for the ÖKK eBill via e-banking/e-finance, you'll receive your invoices directly to your e-banking/e-finance account where you can view your invoices online, check it and if required, save it as a PDF file on your computer. You no longer have to fill in a pay-in slip as everything is already fully completed. You can pay or reject the invoice in a few clicks.

What will happen if I reject the invoice?

The invoice will not be paid and therefore remains pending with ÖKK. Get in touch with us in order to prevent being reminded. ÖKK near you.

Can the premiums be paid directly by payroll deduction?

In general, premiums cannot be paid by payroll deduction, as the principle of per capita premiums applies in Switzerland (premiums are levied on a per person basis). Exceptions are only possible in certain framework contracts concluded between corporate clients and ÖKK.

Are there any deadlines for premium payments?

In general, premiums are to be paid on a monthly basis. The health insurance companies can decide if they allow a discount on annual or semi-annual advance payments. ÖKK grants the following discounts:

Payment  Discount 
Annual advance payments  1%
 Semi-annual advance payments 0.5%

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