Savings opportunities

Can I save on premiums with ÖKK?

The most important ways to save money on premiums:

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How else can I save money on premiums?

Suspension for long military service

If you have served for at least 60 consecutive days (military, civil, Red Cross, civil defence), you can request reimbursement for insurance premiums for this period. With your marching orders, basic insurance premiums can be suspended for this period.

Information about military service

Limiting doctor’s visits 

If you limit your visits to the doctor, you will incur fewer costs and relieve your wallet. Medical advice for questions regarding your health under the telephone number 0844 655 655 is available to you around the clock for free.

Ask for generics

Pharmacists can replace original medications with more affordable generics (same ingredients as the original drug) if the doctor does not expressly prescribe an original drug.

Information about generics

Premium reductions in case of low income 

People with low income receive premium reductions from their canton of residence in order to pay the premiums for the basic insurance plan. Please request information from your local authority.

Information about premium reductions

Does ÖKK offer a premium reduction to families with more than one child?

Supplementary insurance plans are free for the third and every additional child if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The child lives in the same household with one parent and both older siblings;
  • The child is insured under the same family policy; 
  • The child is insured under the basic insurance with ÖKK; 
  • Both older siblings are not older than 25, are insured under basic insurance with ÖKK and have, as a minimum, equal supplementary insurance cover to the third child; and 
  • One parent has taken out basic insurance with ÖKK as well as an in-patient or out-patient supplementary insurance policy.

Who can benefit from premium reductions?

People with a modest income can claim premium reductions (subsidies) from their canton so that they can pay premiums for the basic insurance plan. Every canton determines how much of the costs it will share and how the administrative processing is carried out.

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