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After just one call, you will know more

CASAMED 24 is the cost-effective health insurance in the telemedical model. Before you agree an appointment for treatment or if you have any health-related questions, you must always call Medgate first. Medgate is the Swiss centre for telemedicine. The specialist doctors advise you and decide how to proceed. If treatment is required, you will be immediately referred to a doctor or a specialist. The team of doctors, which also includes paediatricians, can be reached around the clock, seven days a week.

If you consult a doctor, hospital or other medical service provider without a referral from the telemedical centre, you are responsible for the costs incurred yourself. Exceptions include emergencies as well as gynaecological, paediatric and optometric treatments.

Logo Medgate

MEDGATE - Telemedicine Center - 0848 227 224

Medical consultation

The CASAMED 24 option is based around a consultation with our telemedical service. This is how to prepare before contacting us: 
  • Note down some key words that will be used to explain your personal medical history (e.g. relating to chronic illnesses, operations, allergies).
  • Have a description ready of your current health problem.
  • Have any medications on hand that you are currently taking, including any package leaflets.
  • Have your ÖKK insurance card with you.

The consultation will be documented and forms the basis for your future course of treatment. As requested, you will receive a summary of the doctor’s consultation in the form of a treatment plan by e-mail or SMS.


Data protection

The consultation is confidential and is subject to medical secrecy. Of course you may request that the conversation not be recorded. ÖKK has no access to the recordings of conversations or any particularly sensitive data.

Have you already asked that?

The FAQ section contains the answers to the most important questions to do with insurance. Are you still looking for an answer to your question? Then please get in touch with your ÖKK agency.

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